My Story

I am Xilesia Dwyer Henry. I am a multi-disciplinary artist which at the moment I am frequently exploring through digital and 2D art . The work I create, sentiments the concept surrounding injustices and groups that are unequally treated.

This has been a journey that I began exploring from 2014 after a tragic death of someone I knew as a result of mental illness. From that moment in my work it led to a self- discovery of how to I choose to practice art, and the crossover into advocating too. My work became 

 important for me to focus on the voices that were stigmatized, and I began using my artwork to draw attention to that.

I conceptually would refer to my art works as advertisements, I began trying to work with charitable organisations, and even though this was something that required a lot of work to achieve this, this remained hugely important and a goal that was important for me to include in my artistic and conceptual journey.

While addressing stories from those that were experiencing stigma due to mental illness, I began exploring my own emotions, and also people I loved  began sharing their own stories which supported as well as strengthened my work. 

I found out more about mental health, the stories from those I knew, but also the world I live in and the enormity of change needed. I knew I couldn't be a solution to the problem but knew that the amplification of other peoples voices, could draw attention to a way how change could be created. 

After Graduation and some self-introspection I began creating some newer series of works. I gained the confidence to begin auto-bio-graphing my own experience with mental health, specifically taking a focus on chronic illness and the female body.

It has been through using my art as a form of communication; I have been fortunate enough where I have been able to realize a major dream in being able to use some of my own experiences and those close to me too, to raise awareness to these subject matters I address, and support charities too. I hope that in doing this I will be able to support those who have experiences that may not know who to turn to, but also empower my own and other peoples voices too. 

© Xilesia Dwyer Henry 2021