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An essential backbone of Art by XRDH is the desire to help and inform others. Whether that is done via sharing my story with others, whether this is done through fundraising or charitable partnerships my voice remains present to help others and alleviate further trauma's that many people encounter. So from my own experience, the techniques, organisation names, healthy coping mechanisms, and many other that crucial things that can be overlooked; I share with hope to help guide others on their journeys.


Xilesia Dwyer Henry
-Creative Director 


If you have a group, class, team or anyone that you believe may benefit from a talk from our Creative Director, please read more information below.

Mental Health & Advocacy

My own journey vocalising experience within the mental health sector began in 2013, having someone I knew end their life following a debilitating battle with mental illness. Many of the emotions I felt in the aftermath prompted me to launch a campaign addressing mental health. 

This was able to evolve to a point where within myself, friends and family was able to become more self aware about what it means to encounter mental illness and became the realisation in recognising our own sufferings.


My desire to  raise awareness and help  others does not just stop when it comes to the subject of my brand. Having  both fund raised and created campaign to support charities such as MIND and BEAT I utilized my knowledge, pain and trauma to make sure that suffers to not face the struggles I have done previously.  

Being aware of my own accessibility to the mental health resources I managed to access through chance encounters and meetings, I want to make sure no one faces the difficulty in accessing the support that I received. 

That is why I want to interact with as many people as possible to ensure that for those who are don't fit traditional criteria to receive support from charities, (such as whether a crime is reported), or in more rural locations which means there are less support worker that are needed to help with the demand in areas collectively. You are not left behind without any accessibility to support in periods where you or someone you know are alone during the most fragile moments.  


Mental health can feel isolating which is why I want each piece I create to normalize the magnitude mental illness can have on our lives, and draw attention to how it can remain unidentified within our minds and bodies. 

Whether it is due to cultural, societal, gendered or  even generational norms. I work to validate the right to knowledge and accessibility to how pain and trauma can manifest within the body. 

The subject of mental health should not be something that is looked at with shame or ridicule, and within generations the elder generations unfortunately suffered a lack of accessibility to fair mental health. Despite mental health becoming more socially accepted I aim to empower and bridge the relationship of those who haven't been recognised or included due to previous law and structures in place.

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