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Do you have a vision for the perfect piece? Or would you like a personalised Artwork taking inspiration from the styles seen on our shop page.

One of our frequently asked questions is whether we undertake commissions, and thankfully we always love a challenge to create new and inspiring pieces, and to take our company's creativity further. 

If this sounds like something you would like head below to read more about how commissions work at Art by XRDH.


As with both our Mental Health and Body Series ranges at Art by XRDH each creation is bespoke, however for our made to order commission pieces, we can apply greater intricacy, so even with inspiration from The Body Series or Mental Health Series, your piece will be like no other. 


Are you wanting to invest in a gift for a loved one? Or maybe you are wanting to personalize a space that you are working with. At Art by XRDH we are now offering commissioned works in the style of some of your most loved art pieces. 


From meeting to final stages, one to one communication will be prioritized to create a piece that embodies your personality and flair, space and building size. At Art by XRDH we will cater to all your needs.

Whether your concern is body related or financial, at Art by XRDH we work with you through each step so we can create the perfect piece for you.

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