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My diagnosis of a debilitating chronic illness was the trigger that birthed The Body Series. At the point of starting this project, the relationship I had with my body was scared by physical, emotional and medical trauma; these experiences prompted medical and historic introspection, where I decided to reflect and examine how my body's evolution has been partnered with the representation of young 'normal' healthy bodies, hormone based medical illness, and physical trauma. 

From a young age I was made acutely aware that my body looked different, from playing sports that had aesthetic body standards, to accessibility to clothes that could sufficiently cover and hold a child with a pre-developed figure that were physical symptoms of an undiagnosed hormonal disorder.

Prior to these realizations I had began the journey of self-destruction which I believed would protect me from the risks of many forms of exploitation that many females endure who have bodies that are viewed as sexualized.  It took many years of self-reflections, professional interventions, and self-destruction to realize the perception of safeness is almost non existent when it comes to protecting a female. 

After that I retired from the fight with myself, and began the fight that strengthened my self-esteem, rights and identity which has brought me to this moment right now. I have collected many stories from other females that have been able to relate to aspects of my journey, so through this project I hope to enlighten,  educate and empower others who have been through or at risk of going through some of journey's I have, and also work within organisations and charities that dedicate their time to protecting and saving many females; like how I have been.       

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