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Anymore is an intimate 16 x 12” framed hand-painting which has been intricately finished with ethically sourced glitter. With a glitter glazed text and background piece, Anymore reveals different depths and visibility based on light and distance giving versatility to whether the piece displays a framed glitter canvas or a framed glitter text on canvas piece. The multidimensional aspect to this work makes Anymore become an interactive and engaging pieces whether alone or with others once the depth and the multi-dimensions capture the viewer.

This piece will work well in any space or environment, that wants a piece that’s both captivating and enlightening to interiors, and has quickly become a favourite amongst modern fashion and interior lovers.


  • Unfortunately we are unable to offer returns or exchanges on this item, our pieces are created and crafted using the highest quality of materials using the highest quality of standards so we have absolute confidence you will love this item as much as you do viewing this item currently.

    Item damaged during transit? Get in contact and attach images of the damage, and we will get our luxury repairs team to sort out the rest. Luxury repairs are only valid providing you get in contact within the fir

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