Acclaimed- Resting Trance is one of the wonderful pieces part of Acclaimed range. This 50 x 70" acrylic piece has a motion that will leave the viewer mesmerizedupon sight. 

This warm reddish brown beige piece will draw out the beauty in any setting that values modern and contemporary art. The acrylic finish in this piece brings sharpness back into the mysterious motion created piece,

Acclaimed- Resting Trance


    Dimmensions: 50 x 75"
    Medium: Photography Print on Acrylic

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    With a focus on the theme celebrity, Acclaimed- Resting Trance follows  the journey of both internal and public image. The intention is draw attention to the portrayal of those that have a high profile public image, and often face pressure to conceal inner turmoils and traumas to adhere to public expectations.


    To ensure longevity of this piece, we advise that pre caution is taken when placing artworks in direct sunlight due to the risk of discolouration. We also advise not to place this piece near extreme heat. 
    To clean this piece please use a dry wipe.