Clenched Feelings is a multi-dimensional, luxury sealed and crafted from start to finish. Clenched feelings has been personalised in a way that emulates limited edition, placed within a custom 16 x 12" frame, and attractive negative space that has created from the use of a scalpel which has eradicated the two dimensional text, this piece promises to be a perfect match for the person who does not follow conventions. 

Clenched Feelings


    Dimensions: 16 x 12"
    Medium: Framed photographic print 


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    While addressing the perspective of what it can feel like to to silently suffer with mental health issues, The creative director Xilesia worked with an individual's personal struggle that is frequently misjudged.
    To create an honest and non stereotyped perspective, Xilesia decided to anonymise the person's identifiable features in order to convey experience not identity. 


    To ensure longevity of this piece, we advise that pre caution is taken when placing artworks in direct sunlight due to the risk of discolouration. We also advise not to place this piece near extreme heat. 
    To clean this piece please use a dry wipe.