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Art by XRDH, founded in 2020. Follows the story of Founder and Creative Director Xilesia Dwyer Henry's personal experience with both physical and mental illness. Unbeknownst to Xilesia both of these illness had a correlation which was later diagnosed as CFS/ME and C-PTSD. The awareness that was sparked following this diagnosis prompted Xilesia to become aware of the magnitude mental health can affect the body physically, and the commonality of this issue on a wide-scale, which many people may not of had the same opportunity to heal due to social, financial, cultural and racial boundaries.

It was from using this knowledge and access to a number of medical professionals while seeking help in the assistance of her own debilitating illness, that Xilesia became aware of the difficulty of this medical information to be made openly available to others suffering the same and similar illnesses. This began a public campaign where Xilesia would partner with charities, fund-raise, and deliver talks to raise awareness of the correlation between mental and physical health and direct and signpost places that can assist with the journey to heal these types of traumas. With this concept driven approach Xilesia was able to pair this with her creativity  when creating luxury art pieces, with a renewed approach Xilesia utilized her pain and healing as well as her emotional and professional experience with charities to form Art by XRDH- a luxury Art retailer company selling artworks with a mental health based concept. 

During her journey and company formation, Art by XRDH Ltd expanded its client base to include the needs of bespoke clients and businesses, investing a fraction of sale profits back into Art by XRDH's partnered charities.

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